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Renovations Completed 2017


 Duplex 2 for 2017 Complete


Recent Flip-to-self 2017

Legal Duplex-Lasalle Qc
Project Date: March/June 2017
Purchase price $232,000    
Market Value $365,000

& $433 Cash positive a month!



 Duplex 1 for 2017 Complete


Recent Flip-to-self 2017

Legal Duplex-Verdun Qc
Project Date: Oct/Feb 2017
Evaluation price $400,000    
Post renovation Market Value $500,000

& $200 Cash positive a month!




We are real estate entrepreneurs looking for investors to join us. We venture in purchasing undervalued Real Estate and renovating for a profit.

If you have a potential investment of $20 000 minimum. We work with investors like you to make opportunities in the local market. You've seen our work, you know we stick to timelines and budgets and that we meet and stick to our plan from start to finish.

Return on Investment turn around is in the vicinity of  120 days.

All of our properties are fully tenanted rental investment properties located in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec area as well as Montreal and managed by an experienced investor-savvy team of property managers, who oversee all day-to-day operations


Were local and just like you, we have a family, we have bills like everyone else though we work hard after "hours' to build something for our family and  the future.

Passive, hands off, hassle free and financially rewarding Joint Venture Partnerships


Joint Venture Opportunities - 


We are looking for Bridge/& rehab Loans, we have properties that are in between refinancing or where improving one of our properties.

The loans are short-term and typically between 6 and 12 months or less, though it might vary as long as all parties agree.